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Finally, an END to BAD Parking

Dodgy Parker Problems: A Dubai Police App Lets You Report Questionable Parking At The Touch Of A Button

Finally, a way for you to vent your frustrations in a productive manner!

Ever noticed some dodgy parking? Well Dubai Police have now launched a simple to use app which allows you to report vehicle obstructions.

Once you report it, the owner will get notified via an SMS from Dubai Police...that would be a scary text to receive eh?!

This app allows the public help the police

All you need to do is enter the plate number of the car if it's obstructing traffic in a parking lot, then the police will alert the owner.

The SMS is just a warning, however if the owner of the vehicle fails to respond, it will be recorded as a violation.

The service will ease pressure on the Dubai Police operations room, as it means less minor issues will need to be recorded.