The first thing to do when you are ready to buy a dash cam is to identify what features you definitely want.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you trying to capture with your dash camera? How many channels do you want?

  2. What size dash camera do you want? Do you want a dash camera with a screen?

  3. Do you want to be able to track your vehicle's routes and monitor your speed?

  4. Are you looking for LIVE tracking and information?

  5. Do you want a built-in WiFi function?


What are you trying to capture with your dash camera and how many channels do you want?

When you decide you're ready to buy a dash camera, there must be a specific reason for doing so. Dash cameras can function in a few ways, but you must decide what you're looking to capture so the dash camera can serve you best. If you are looking to just capture video outside your vehicle, you would want the dash camera(s) pointing out the front windscreen (and) the rear windscreen. This would require a two-channel (2) system. If you are just looking to monitor inside your vehicle, you would have a dash camera installed facing the interior; and you would typically only need a single channel (1) system; as the lens can capture the entire interior.

What size dash camera are you looking for? Do you want a screen?

Dash cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and it's up to you to decide which one is aesthetically pleasing for you. For more discreet dash cameras, you could look at the BlackVue line which come in a small cylindrical shape and can be hidden by your rear view mirror; making them virtually undetectable to you as the driver. If you are looking for a larger dash camera with a screen, you could check out the Thinkware X350 or X550. These come with a 3" LCD screen which allow you setup your settings and view files instantly.

Do you want to track your vehicle's routes? Monitor your speed?

Some dash cameras come with a built-in GPS function. This does not mean that the dash camera can give you a GPS turn-by-turn navigation, however, you can always go back to your dash camera to check all routes taken by the vehicle. In order to have this function, you must ensure that dash camera comes with a built-in or external GPS unit. Having a built-in GPS also allows you to track your vehicle's speed. This is important because you can always challenge a speeding ticket with you dash cam's video which will have your speed embedded on the file.

Are you looking for LIVE tracking and updates? What about built-in WiFi?

If you are someone who wants to monitor your vehicle in real time, you must either do one of two things. Firstly, and most common, if you have a dash camera for your private vehicle, the dash camera must have a WiFi function built-in. Having a WiFi function will allow you to set up a hot spot for your vehicle (this can be done through your local internet provider). Once you have a hot spot for your vehicle and you have the proper amount of data, you can keep the dash camera connected to your hot spot and track the vehicle as it is on. Without the WiFi function, you cannot monitor your vehicle remotely. If you are a fleet owner or a fleet manager, please inquire about our fleet management devices. These all have direct connections for SIM cards, along with, an online portal which can offer you instant LIVE viewing; along with a whole lot of customized alerts.