The hardest part of hard wiring your dash camera to your vehicle is ensuring it is connected to the proper fuses. This will prevent the camera from discharging too much power out of your battery, allowing you to return to your car without any issues starting up.

You can watch a quick video on how to identify a constant fuse vs. a switched fuse here:

Testing your Fuses

For a step-by-step guide, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Ensure your vehicle's engine is OFF.

Step 2: Locate the fuse box

You will have to locate the fuse box INSIDE the vehicle. Connecting your camera to the fuse box in the engine bay could be extremely dangerous. It is also important not to connect the dash camera to the engine bay's fuse box to ensure the wires are protected and not exposed to outside elements, or the heat from the engine compartment.

Step 3: Use your multi-meter to test for a constant or a switched fuse.

A constant fuse will show power even when the vehicle is off. Constant fuses typically control interior lighting or other small functions. A switched fuse will only show power when the vehicle's engine is started. If you are not installing any power management device along with your dash camera, experts suggest you connecting your dash camera to a switched fuse.

* SAFETY DISCLAIMER: This should only be completed by a qualified individual or professional technician. If you are unsure, or unable to do this, we always suggest contacting someone to help you along the way.

** CONNECTION DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you consult your vehicle's manual or a qualified individual to ensure you are not connecting your fuse to any essential or safety fuse. Connecting all third-party technology should always be done on fuses that do NOT control any safety function (i.e. airbags, brakes, etc.)

Step 5: Connecting your camera

Once you have located the fuse you want to plug your camera into, make sure you start out by grounding your power cable. The grounding, or earth, cable is the black one. It should be secured somewhere that will provide a solid grounding and will remain stable. Do not ground any wire where it may become loose or fall off. Once you have grounded the black cable, you can connect your red cable directly to the fuse, or you can clip it into a fuse extender. Fuse extenders can be found at any auto store and make the process much easier in completing.

Step 6: Close everything up

Once your dash camera is connected, you can close up the fuse box and begin hiding the wiring into the paneling of your vehicle. You can then mount the camera at the desired location. Once mounted, you are all done!